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Pool Repair and New Pool Equipment Installation, Orlando, FL

Professional Aquatic Services is your go-to company for all your needs in maintaining the good shape of your swimming pool area. If you may be having trouble with your pool or noticed some damage or normal wear and tear, we can provide you with high-quality and trusted pool repair services.

We provide top-of-the-line pool repair, new pool equipment installation, pool maintenance, pool resurfacing, and pool remodeling services. Also, our company is a warranty center for Jandy and Pentair. You can come to us for inspection as well as repair of your machine for free. Call us for more information about our services!


Pool Repair | Pool Resurfacing | Pool Maintenance

Perhaps you do not need any urgent swimming pool repair yet, however you can save yourself a lot of time and cash by discovering small problems before they transform into huge ones. These signs are necessary for making sure that your pool is in good shape today and in the future. Watch out for the following:

Separating mastic

The mastic of the pool is important in making sure that your pool water does not flood the pool deck. If this is separating, it is time to call your pool service company for repairs.

Broken pool coping

The pool coping is necessary to cap the shell wall or the edge of the pool. When this is loose or broken, it can cause injuries to the swimmers if they accidentally jump on it. Thus, it is time for your pool coping repair.

Dirty water

Your pipes may be clear, but you may be having a blocked sand problem that is why you have dirty water. Your sand filter probably needs repair or replacement.

Broken or cracked tiles

When you notice cracks on your pool tiles, this indicates substructure damage on your pool. It is best to make the pool tile repair as soon as you see cracked or broken tiles.

Malfunctioning heater

When you switched your pool heater on, but it is taking so long to work than usual or it failed to do its job, you need a pool heater repair. The same goes for the other pool equipment that you use.

Pool Repair, Orlando, FL

Our swimming pool repair in Orlando, FL is prompt and very affordable. We will make sure that your pool is in good shape once you notice a problem or once we see one after inspecting your pool area. From pool leak repair, pool tile repair, and pool pump repair to pool heater repair and pool light repair, Professional Aquatic Services can handle your pool equipment repair needs! Our pool pump repair service covers variable speed pool pump, pool motor repair, and salt water pool pump repair. 

New Equipment Installation, Orlando, FL

We offer the best pool equipment installation service in your area.  Our certified and experienced swimming pool electrician can handle your pool pump installation, pool light installation, and LED pool light retrofit installation needs. Whether you are just building a swimming pool or replacing old and defective pool equipment, we got you covered. We will get the job done fast. You will not regret hiring us for all your new pool equipment installation needs.

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Salt Water Pool Systems Orlando, FL

Conversion to salt water pool system has been gaining popularity recently. This is due to the benefits that it has compared to the traditional chlorine pool. Salt water pool systems are easy to maintain, they do not have the strong smell that chlorine pools have, and are better for the health of people with allergies or asthma. Come to us if you require pool salt water conversion. Contact us today for inquiries!

Pool Automation Systems Orlando, FL

For better and more efficient control of your swimming pool equipment, pool automation systems have emerged for homeowners’ best pool experience. The pool control panel includes a direct pool pump controller and other pool equipment, such as pool heater, filter, and pool lights. Our expert swimming pool electrician will make sure that the installation of your pool controller is safe and effective. Contact our representatives for more information!

Professional Aquatic Services is a reputable provider of pool repair, pool maintenance, new pool equipment installation, and pool resurfacing services. Our team of professionals will make sure that your swimming pool area does not only have an attractive pool area but also a safe and long-lasting one. 

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