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Residential pool services are our specialty here at Professional Aquatic Services. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, grilling, and just having a good time in your swimming area and we will take care of the cleaning. We are also experts in pool remodeling services. We can create you a swimming pool area that truly reflects your style. Allow us to transform your old pool into a contemporary, personalized, and attractive one. We do not only focus on the looks but also make sure that the functionality is improved which will increase the life span of your pool.


Pool Repair | Pool Resurfacing | Pool Maintenance

Our Top-Rated Pool Services in Lake Mary, FL

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We are the go-to pool care and pool remodeling expert in Lake Mary, FL and surrounding areas. We have services that cover means to maintain the quality of your pool. We offer the best pool repair, new pool equipment installation, and pool maintenance services in your area at competitive prices.


Lake Mary

We monitor the chemical balance of your pool through weekly testing and adjustments to keep your pool clean and worry-free. Enjoy your time.

Lake Mary

We fix and replace everything on residential pools, perform complete pool inspections, and install the industry’s best brands for every customer.

Lake Mary

We offer complete pool, deck and tile renovation to upgrade and beautify your investment and improve the visual appeal of your pool area.

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If your old swimming pool area has been existing for years, and you are seeing structural issues or leaks, contact us for an evaluation and the best pool remodeling services in Lake Mary, FL! We offer a top-notch pool resurfacing service that effectively improves its functionality, overall look, and extends the life span of your swimming pool. Allow our team to give your pool the best condition for your utmost benefit and safety.

Our pool renovation service also includes pool decking, pool plastering, and new tile installation. Whether you require pavers, flagstone pavers, brick pavers, travertine pavers, or pool coping, you can count on us. Your pool deck will surely be more functional and be safer with slip-resistant pool deck pavers. We can also install your new pool tiles. Our pool tile replacement service covers a wide selection of pool tiles. These include porcelain tiles, stone pool tiles, or glass tiles. Choose the option that best fits your style or the look that you desire for your swimming pool. Rest assured that our professionals will assist you with choosing the best for your swimming pool renovation needs.

If there is something wrong in your swimming pool, such as when a piece of pool equipment is not working, you suddenly have high water bills, water level changes, tiles are falling or are cracked, or there is algae growth, we can take care of any pool problem that you may have. Allow us to make the repairs your pool needs promptly, professionally, and cost-efficiently.

We are dedicated to making sure that your swimming pool functions at its best. This is by providing weekly, routine pool maintenance that includes measures that are necessary for upkeeping the condition of your pool and the pool equipment in it. The basics in the packages that we offer are pool cleaning, pool equipment inspection, and water chemistry balancing. Plus, we will handle the pool chemicals you need. 

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