When to Replace Your Pool Deck?

The swimming pool is considered a focal point of the home for how it can be a place for celebrations and special events. But to make sure that it is a comfortable and safe place to be in, it needs proper and regular maintenance and upkeep. But even with keeping up with regular maintenance, over the years, you may observe the quality of your pool deck deteriorate, whether it may be made from travertine, flagstone, or brick pavers. To determine when it is time for a pool deck replacement, here are some signs to look out for.

Exposure to outdoor and natural elements greatly contributes to the normal wear and tear of your pool deck. This can result in hairline cracks in the concrete or pool pavers. But if you see larger cracks, your pool may require pool deck replacement or extensive pool deck repair. You will need a professional pool service provider to inspect the cracks so that they can be fixed before it is too late. Note that large cracks in the surface of your pool may have been due to the use of substandard materials, improper concrete pouring, or unstable soil under the structure.

2. Puddles gather on the deck.

 It is common that the pavers, flagstone, or travertine pool deck is installed with a slight angle to permit water to slope water from your swimming pool and into its drainage. But if this is not constructed well, the water that splashes on the pool deck may stay and create these puddles. If these stay on the pool deck, there may as well be an underlying problem in the drainage. 

This issue will result in the growth of mold and algae, which is not ideal for the structure. A slippery pool deck is not safe for swimmers, especially for children. The water gathered may as well find its way into your pool’s cracks. The combination of cracks and poor draining can lead to long-term damage to your swimming pool. Also, if the water makes its way to the soil, the structure of the pool will inevitably be affected.

3. The soil has become to shift in the surrounding areas of the pool.

A swimming pool that is built into the ground requires sufficient support because it is heavy. The ground must then be compacted enough to carry this weight. But it is not, this might cause the ground to shift. Also, loose soil under the pool’s main structure and the tree roots that pass through the area can contribute to this problem. 

When the foundation is affected, the pool deck is essentially affected too. Soil instability can damage the pool deck, thus causing cracks or drainage issues.

Pool Deck Replacement or Repair?

Simple hairline cracks, small puddles, and unnoticeable soil shifts may only need repairs. But when you observe bigger versions of these problems, you need the help of Professional Aquatic Services. Our experts will inspect these issues and make professional recommendations to fix the problems. Our pool decking and pool coping services will make sure that your pool becomes more durable and lasts longer. We are trusted in pool renovation, pool remodeling, and pool resurfacing services.

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