How To Drain Your Pool After Heavy Rains

If you own a swimming pool in Orlando, you need to know how to drain your pool. Central Florida gets heavy rain in the summer, and this can create a mess for Orlando pool owners. Too much rain can raise the water level in your pool to overflowing if you’re not careful.

If the water in your pool is in danger of overflow, you may need to drain the pool. There are numerous how-to videos online that go over this process. Here’s one that can help you safely lower your pool’s water level without having to pay for a service call.

One note about this demonstration on how to drain your pool: turning the valve to BACKWASH lets DE powder out along with water, and is useful if cleaning as well as draining. Setting your valve to WASTE bypasses the filter completely, so only water gets out. This is the correct setting if you’re only draining excess water.

Professional Aquatic Services Platinum customers that have a DE filter or a quick-drain function can have their pool water level lowered by our technicians at no charge. We also net debris and vacuum your pool as needed.

If you’re a current customer that wants to go Platinum, or a new pool owner that wants our best service, contact us for a free quote and let us be your partner in pool care.

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