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5 Florida Swimming Pool Care Mistakes

Owning a swimming pool in Florida is almost a must. The long, hot summers and bright sunshine can be tough, and diving into a refreshing swimming pool can make all the difference. Proper swimming pool care is a big part of enjoying your investment.

Doing home maintenance has its advantages. In some cases you can save money and gain the satisfaction of getting the job done on your own.

But some DIY jobs aren’t all that DIY, and can actually cost you money in the long run. Unless you really know what you’re doing, swimming pool care can be a headache, a waste of time and money, and in some cases downright dangerous.

Here are some of the most common swimming pool care mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Keeping the Party Going Too Long.

What good is having a swimming pool if you can’t invite people over to swim? But the more people you have in your pool, the more chlorine your pool needs to keep your chemistry balanced. If you’re planning a big pool party, let your pool professional know in advance. He can prep your pool ahead of the party, and adjust the chemistry after the party’s over.

2. Letting Your Pool Go To the Dogs.

If you let your furry friends cool off in your pool, there’s going to be extra maintenance involved. Net your swimming pool as soon as your pets get out to get as much fur as possible immediately. And clean your skimmer basket and filter within the next day to make sure pet hair doesn’t make a return.

3. The Jungle Takes Over.

Landscaping can be a part of what makes your pool a beautiful home accent. Keeping your landscaping maintained is essential not only to the beauty, but to the proper care of your pool. Overgrown plants and grass can find their way into your pool pump’s motor, damaging it and causing costly maintenance. Keep plant problems from taking root with regular mowing and trimming.

4. Home Chemistry.

Adding the wrong chemicals, over-shocking your pool, and even using the right chemicals at the wrong time of day can make for a smelly, dirty, or even dangerous pool. Your swimming pool professional can monitor your pool chemistry on a regular basis and take the hassle out of knowing what to add and when.

5. Pump Up The Volume.

Your pool pump is the heartbeat of your swimming pool. While it’s true that it’s also second only to your air conditioner in energy use, turning your pump off to save money can cause expensive maintenance problems down the road. Installing a variable speed pump might be the answer if you want the most energy efficient pool you can have.

Swimming pool care can be a hassle. Professional Aquatic Services can inspect your pool for free and offer money-saving tips as well as maintenance and repair to keep your swimming pool beautiful all year long.

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